Autumn Glory Dish

It’s almost Autumn – my favorite time of year – so here’s a dish to celebrate the season!

Kerry Ellen 2009


fused glass dish

fused glass dish



Recycle, reuse, repurpose – I tried to make a dish, the kiln temperature got way too high, everything bubbled & broke – I let it cool, and tried again – this time using a black base – I love the results!  Still a little stress fractured (I can relate!), the plate cracked once more – epoxy is a beautiful thing…this is as close to making my own glass as I’ve ever come, and it was thrilling!

Kerry Ellen 2009


Glass Prayer


In glass I see wonder and light

Miracle of sand and ashes fired together

Silent serene self-contained

here and now

glass is what it is

and it is beautiful –

it’s been through the fire

it shows its true colors

only its essence is left

what you see is what you get

but keep looking through the layers

and see your soul wrapped in its shroud

the shy mystery and magic within

recycling connections forevermore

to all that was, and is, and someday shall be…

world without end, amen.

(c) Kerry Ellen