Green Glass

green-glass-bottleGlass is green (and makes a nice eco-friendly gift) because:

– it is easy to recycle

– it is made of organic materials (sand and soda ash)

– it can be used over & over again (glass plates vs paper plates)

– it has no expiration date

– color in glass doesn’t fade for 100s of years

– glass does not dissolve on its own (sea glass has only been etched by the salt/sand)

– big glass that is used for plate glass windows, can be re-used, cut into smaller pieces for stained glass, to very little pieces for jewelry, to bits for frit, to tiny grains for enameling – it may break but it is never wasted!

– transferable, re-usable skills in glass classes -I learned to cut glass for stained, use that skill in doing fused glass, learned stenciling/stamping in enamel class, that can be applied to fused glass…that can be used in a stained glass installation-  full circle!

–  capture a memory (slumped wine bottles from a special event)

– my beads collected on my travels – nice memories – made into remembrance jewelry (and they are small and easy souvenirs to pack in a carry-on bag on a plane)

– requires no batteries

– doesn’t take up much space (300 pieces of jewelry, and packages, fits in one small carry-on case for my jewelry shows)

– doesn’t require much maintenance, can be cleaned with vinegar & water

– can re-use glass and/or beads again & again -if I don’t like one necklace, I can take it apart & make a bracelet, or mix it with new different beads, other colors – make it new again!

– interchangeable pendants, earrings, make accessorizing fun!

– if I don’t like how something I fused turns out, I can just reheat & re-melt the glass, add something new, new layers, till I get what I like

– endless possibilities – flamework, fusing, stained glass, mosaics, enamels, functional (dishes) fun (jewelry) art for art’s sake – beautiful

– glass doesn’t wear out – a prism will shine, reflect color, as long as there’s sunlight

– it can be re-used – if a stained glass piece breaks, that glass can be used to fuse. 

– With epoxy, glass pieces can be glued to one another to make completely new pieces for indoors or outdoors

– my happy accidents – things I didn’t intend – often turn out to be my favorite pieces

– reflects light, enhances mood, adds color, brings joy


2 thoughts on “Green Glass

  1. Wow, you pretty much cover it all. One thing I thought of… and I don’t know the answer…. some plastics give off toxins and gasses (that’s why they say don’t store water in plastic bottles too long). Does glass give off anything to whatever is stored in them? If not, well, there’s one more reason to use glass over plastic.

  2. Glass is the perfect material, it’s recyclable, precious, earth friendly, and in the right hands it’s artistically beautiful.


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