Visions of Africa

Visions of Africa

Please come meet my talented friend Pat and enjoy his beautiful artwork!  You will be glad you did!

Kerry Ellen


Nyumbani – Swahili for Home

East Meets West – Last weekend, at the 5th Annual Grafton Arts Fair, in Grafton, Illinois, I shared a tent with Pat Syano, – a delightful young man and extremely talented artist from Kenya.
We collaborated on this piece – my fused glass, his paintings. I told him to draw whatever he wanted, and he drew pictures of village life at home. (He has been in the U.S. about a year so far.)  This started out as a glass plate – I got the kiln too hot and it cracked – so I re-fired, recycled it, and with Pat’s help, redeemed it!

Nyumbani – Swahili for Home
Half a world away
the shining stillness of home
golden memories

If you would like to contact Pat, you may reach him at
Photo credit: Pat K. Moore – thanks!

Mermaid’s Tears

According to legend, sea glass is formed when a mermaid’s tears touch the sand.  The story makes me wonder, “What would make a mermaid cry?”  The pollution of the oceans, her beautiful home, is one answer.  No one would enjoy  raw sewage, oil spills, industrial wastes, garbage, and all kinds of destructive contaminants floating about in their homes!

            Next, I ask, “What can we do?”  Consumer choices matter.  Dedication to reduce, recycle, and reuse counts.  Supporting strong federal legislation to protect our waters is vital.  Educating ourselves and our children about the problems and solutions is key.  Access to potable water should never be taken for granted.  One thing is certain, clean water will remain a dominant critical issue for the 21st century.

            “Yesterday is history,

Tomorrow is mystery,

Today is a gift.”

Eleanor Roosevelt’s wise words apply:  We can’t do much about the past or guarantee the future, but we can all do something today.


Kerry Ellen, 2011

Attack of the Alien Chef!

For my son the chef’s 33rd birthday (Aug. 30), I had a skateboard custom-painted to combine his love of being a chef, aliens, monsters, Heineken beer, reptiles, and St. Louis Blues Hockey…the amazing artist is Nate Motsinger,

I would have done it in glass if I could – but Dave was very happy with his gift (and I can guarantee he didn’t get two of them!)