Did You GIVE What You Wanted for Christmas?

Another Christmas come & gone – did you GIVE what you wanted to for Christmas?  Not Did you GET what you wanted – I meant GIVE.

I found more joy in giving & surprising people this year – people who did not expect it – way more than in the nice things I received as gifts.

I don’t regret anything I gave – my gift was how it made me feel so good.  I am thankful to have an art form (glass jewelry) that most people appreciate receiving. 

I started out this holiday season to give handmade & homemade – and I did, and it brought joy!  I love the handmade, homemade gifts I received as well – much more than the things box stores were foisting off on people.  (Enough with the microfleece already!)

I would have liked to give more to those in need – but at least I gave some, in my corner of the world. when and where I could.

My Christmas moment this year came in AUGUST – writing 15 letters “fromt Santa’s elves” to school children for a friend’s friend who is a teacher.  I had a jolly time, and the kids who got them enjoyed them too I heard…

Spreading joy and kindness – that’s what it’s all about…even if it doesn’t help the bottom line – it helps each heart.

May you always delight in simple things and give from the heart!




May you have the chance to love another, to serve another, to help another grow.

May you find beauty in life without blinding yourself to the darkness where sadness and need hold sway.

May you heal the wounds that you have caused and forgive those wounds that you have received.

May you touch another life in a way that changes it for the better.

This is Christmas, the one time of year when we turn our hearts toward the act of giving. However you celebrate, whatever you believe, may you do your part to keep that legacy alive. It is the best of who we are, and the measure of who we can be.

Take care, my friends. It is a gift to be alive.

 by Kent Nerburn

Making Art to Make a Difference

Mylast jewelry show for for 2011 – 9-4 is this Sat. Dec. 10 at Concordia Lutheran Church, Hwy. 140 & 21 Circle Drive , Cottage Hills, Illinois – hope to see you there!

10% of proceeds Sat. will go to the Community Hope Center (food bank) and proceeds from one table of my discounted jewelry will be donated to the Concordia Lutheran Church.