We will not be amused…

If you miss ArtEAST – it’s this weekend, Oct. 20 & 21, 11-5 – the Madison County IL studio art tour is in its 15th year…

I will be showing handmade glass jewelry & mixed media items at the Jacoby Arts Center on Broadway in Alton, along with 18 other artists – and more within walking distance!  A nice way to spend your weekend….supporting local arts!


So Much Talent, So Little Time!

This year I will be showing at the Jacoby Arts Center on Broadway in Alton, Illinois.

Please come visit – so many wonderfully talented artists to see on this studio walking tour – it is always a lovely show!


thank yous are in order…

Thanks to the Grafton Chamber of Commerce for putting on a great Art in the Park Sept. 8 & 9 – the weather was so pleasant too!

And thanks to all the customers to bought things and the others who complimented my work – it makes the effort worthwhile!

 Sincerely, Kerry Ellen

If you did not get a chance to visit Grafton this weekend, I have things year-round at the Grafton Artisan’s Village and in the Artist Shop at the Jacoby Arts Center in Alton, IL.

My next show will be at the Jacoby, October 20 & 21, for ArtEAST!

My Pretties

My niece Lindsey and I and the Reflections of Style Fashion Show (put on by the Community Hope Center of Cottage Hills, Illinois) with a display of my crystal cluster necklaces, which will be on sale at the Carlyle Art and Wine Festival in Carlyle, Illinois, August 18 & 19, at the Grafton’s Art in the Park September 8 & 9 at The Grove Memorial Park in Grafton, Illinois,  at ARTEast in Alton, Illinois, October 20 & 21 at the Jacoby Arts Center, and at the Christmas Market at Hawken House, Webster Groves, Missouri, November 4.  These are each one of a kind – when they are gone, they are GONE!


Treat yourself to this free artist studio tour!

http://www.arteasttour.com/ (general info)

http://www.arteasttour.com/tourmap.html (tour map)

For additional information:
email: arteasttour01@hotmail.com

Kerry Ellen’s Corner: 

This year I will be showing my handmade fused glass jewelry at By Design, 136 Front Street, in Alton, Illinois.  Owner Lillian Bates describes By Design as “custom couture clothing and fiber art”: visit http://www.lillianbydesign.com/.

 Kerry Ellen, Glass Artist

Fused Glass Jewelry and More

(Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings,

Small Dishes and Tiles)

Showing at:  { By Design,

136 Front Street, Alton, Illinois


For me, glass is all about transformation.  You take simple sand, heat it up, and it becomes glass, which can either be liquid or solid, clear or opaque, rough or smooth, cold or hot.  Glass is stronger after it has been fired in the kiln. Dichroic glass both transmits and reflects color.  Sometimes it changes colors after it has been heated: I’ve put in bright orange glass, and when it cooled off, it was neon green. When I open the kiln to see how everything “cooked”, usually, it’s like Christmas morning, full of happy surprises! But if I don’t like the way a piece turned out, I just recycle it and try again. Glass gives you second chances…

13th Annual ARTEAST Studio Tours – October 16 & 17 – 11 -5

Kerry Ellen: Telephone: (618) 463-1507; email: kvwordsmith@hotmail.com;
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