Making Art to Make a Difference

Mylast jewelry show for for 2011 – 9-4 is this Sat. Dec. 10 at Concordia Lutheran Church, Hwy. 140 & 21 Circle Drive , Cottage Hills, Illinois – hope to see you there!

10% of proceeds Sat. will go to the Community Hope Center (food bank) and proceeds from one table of my discounted jewelry will be donated to the Concordia Lutheran Church.



Nyumbani – Swahili for Home

East Meets West – Last weekend, at the 5th Annual Grafton Arts Fair, in Grafton, Illinois, I shared a tent with Pat Syano, – a delightful young man and extremely talented artist from Kenya.
We collaborated on this piece – my fused glass, his paintings. I told him to draw whatever he wanted, and he drew pictures of village life at home. (He has been in the U.S. about a year so far.)  This started out as a glass plate – I got the kiln too hot and it cracked – so I re-fired, recycled it, and with Pat’s help, redeemed it!

Nyumbani – Swahili for Home
Half a world away
the shining stillness of home
golden memories

If you would like to contact Pat, you may reach him at
Photo credit: Pat K. Moore – thanks!

Glass Doors

“Playing with glass” has opened so many doors for me – that I never expected – it has encouraged me to try new things, participate in an art show, meet other artists, try selling in my own community – broadened my perspective of who I am and what I can do.

Lately I have been making custom gifts for some very special people. I found some letters I can fuse on to the glass, so I made a piece for my genrous co-worker, who also fuses glass, with her name … I made a piece for a very cool young friend turning 9 – with a name you don’t find in the tourist shops (Ev, short for Evangeline) … and initials of a 10-year old girl with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, plus a necklace & earring set to be auctioned off at a fundraiser for her.

Don’t get me wrong – I love making a sale, so I can buy more glass – learn more, play more, and give more  – those sales enable me to do glass for good causes too – it’s more than just making money, it’s making opportunities to do good in my own community.

by Kerry Ellen

In the Spirit of Giving….

This neat lady – another glass fuser – the Designing Diva, AKA Randi Sue – is GIVING AWAY some of her lovely jewelry – as prizes in her contest where you write a bit about giving back to the community and are entered in a drawing – let’s celebrate giving, and sharing, what makes the holidays mean more, much more than just commercialized clap-trap!  Even the Grinch knows, “Christmas means just a little bit more than something that comes from a store…”