Did You GIVE What You Wanted for Christmas?

Another Christmas come & gone – did you GIVE what you wanted to for Christmas?  Not Did you GET what you wanted – I meant GIVE.

I found more joy in giving & surprising people this year – people who did not expect it – way more than in the nice things I received as gifts.

I don’t regret anything I gave – my gift was how it made me feel so good.  I am thankful to have an art form (glass jewelry) that most people appreciate receiving. 

I started out this holiday season to give handmade & homemade – and I did, and it brought joy!  I love the handmade, homemade gifts I received as well – much more than the things box stores were foisting off on people.  (Enough with the microfleece already!)

I would have liked to give more to those in need – but at least I gave some, in my corner of the world. when and where I could.

My Christmas moment this year came in AUGUST – writing 15 letters “fromt Santa’s elves” to school children for a friend’s friend who is a teacher.  I had a jolly time, and the kids who got them enjoyed them too I heard…

Spreading joy and kindness – that’s what it’s all about…even if it doesn’t help the bottom line – it helps each heart.

May you always delight in simple things and give from the heart!