Secret garden

one of my recent necklaces …


All Kinds of Creativity…

I haven’t been making much jewelry lately, but I have been busy with other creative endeavors – favors and decorations for my niece’s bridal shower – garden art (decorated slabs of glass to hang outside), and working on fused glass cabochons for future use … 

I remember hot hazy summer days at my uncle’s farm – so still, all you could hear were the houseflies buzzing, maybe a little breeze would rustle the cornstalks – it seemed so still, like nothing was happening – but I knew better.  Plant roots were growing, reaching, stretching, seeking water, while the sun beat down and the kernels of gold ripened with sweetness —

I hope that’s where I am right now creatively – quiet, but growing rich and sweet.

Confessions of a Glass Fuser: I am a Work in Progress


Even if I get it too hot, too fast, and shock the glass.

There’s a big mess –

The glass cracks, breaks, shatters, pops, and bubbles.

If you touch the glass then,

In the aftermath of its state of shock,

You can get burnt or cut.

Pain is part of my work process.

But if you calm down, be more careful, give it some time –

Let it cool gently, sweep up the cullet with care,

Glass lets you try again,

Using what you’ve learned,

(take it easy, take it slow,

think it through, plan ahead,

Let the process work for you this time):

The broken pieces can be recycled,

re-used, remelted, reformed,

Made into something new and beautiful,

With clarity and character,

And a story of survival to tell.

By Kerry Ellen

Hot Pink Bubble Glass Pendant

by Kerry Ellen

Never happened before – never will again – glass bubble pendant, on silver fibroid glass capped with pink glass for a dazzling hot pink combo – not your ordinary dichroic glass piece!

fused glass, double-layered for strength, annealed slowly, comes with gold bail, ready to wear with a chain or cord – 3 inches long, 2 inches wide.

Available from my Etsy shop:

Silver Alchemy

How to stay busy on a cold midwestern morn?  Turn glass into silver, like I did with this piece above!  Staying by my kiln, which gets to over 1600 degree Farenheit sometimes, keeps me very warm & toasty on below-zero days!

The flip side of this pendant-to-be is looks like liquid molten royal purple… If I could wire-wrap, this would be a reversible pendant.  It has matching silver/purple earrings…