I’m with the show…


Click this link – I’m with the show – the St. Charles Glass Work Bench Art Show, that is!  My red butterfly in fused glass (just under the beautiful lamp on the left) is entered in the art contest.

I have always loved the Glass Work Bench – even before I started doing glass myself – and now I am honored to be in their Spring Art show!  Stop by – it’s a lovely place to visit any day, and for the rest of this week, you can see all the art entries, and, if inclined, vote for mine!

—Update – I received 3rd place in Fused Glass – thanks, everyone who voted for me!

Springtime Necklace Sets




Pink and Green for Spring!

This pink and green necklace and earring set celebrates Spring.  The round pink catseye beads are accented by the small spring green glass beads.  The earrings are pink and green crystals, very sweet and light.

Magenta Celtic Cross

Black crystals and magenta glass beads were selected to complement the magenta celtic cross design, which is fused into the black glass base. Perfect for Beltane!

Red and Black and Green All Over?

When you work with Dichroic glass, you can never be too sure that the color you start with will be the same after it is fired in the kiln…so I take some chances, and learn, each time I fire up.  I thought this would be red and black and gold, but the heat turned the glass green.  It’s not what I expected, but I kind of like it – it is definitely one of a kind!  I so picked beads to match the glass, and here you have it – an usual piece – and they certainly don’t sell anything like it in a big box store!