All Kinds of Creativity…

I haven’t been making much jewelry lately, but I have been busy with other creative endeavors – favors and decorations for my niece’s bridal shower – garden art (decorated slabs of glass to hang outside), and working on fused glass cabochons for future use … 

I remember hot hazy summer days at my uncle’s farm – so still, all you could hear were the houseflies buzzing, maybe a little breeze would rustle the cornstalks – it seemed so still, like nothing was happening – but I knew better.  Plant roots were growing, reaching, stretching, seeking water, while the sun beat down and the kernels of gold ripened with sweetness —

I hope that’s where I am right now creatively – quiet, but growing rich and sweet.



One of my favorite memories is walking along a Carolina beach, under a summer moon – paradise!

This glass pendant of a flamingo in the marsh and moonlight is made of layers of fused glass with white gold and enamel detail.